Monday, 28 July 2014

How casting foundries apply techniques for best shaping product?

In India, the alloy casting exporters and manufacturers use different casting processes which are classified as Ingot casting or mould casting. In the Casting foundries in India, primary or secondary aluminum is cast into slabs, billet and wire during the first process. These products are transformed into semi finished and finished products. In the second process, casting foundries use alloy castings for producing cast products.

The mold casting is of two types :
  • Sand Casting
  • Die Casting
Some foundries in India are also using lost wax type casting production technique, but these above two are economically cheaper than lost wax casting.

Sand casting process :
The alloy castings exporters and manufacturers in India use the sand casting method to produce shaped products. In this casting, foundries use sand moulds to make finished casting products. The making of sand mould is difficult step in which two main routes are used by foundries -
  • Green Sand
  • Dry Sand
The sand casting is a versatile technique used by alloy casting foundries in India for high yielding. The figure is showing half mould with cores and a casting example. These kinds of moulds are filled with molten metal during the production of alloy casting product. The professionals working in casting foundries design such moulds to get finished casting alloy components. It’s a low pressure technique in which molten alloy metal is filled in the mould by low pressure difference. The alloy casting manufacturers and exporters are using sand casting process to manufacture thin walled components for several industrial clients in India and abroad.

Die casting process :
In this process, the workforce in the foundry uses permanent moulds made with iron or steel casting. It involves the furnace, die casting machine, alloy metal, and a die. Experts use non-ferrous alloy like aluminum or zinc during the process. The Steel Castings manufacturers India are using two main types of die casting machines- Hot chamber machine and cold chamber machines.
To avail different casting products, you can contact such foundries or exporters that use different popular steel castings techniques for semi and finished alloy casting.


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