Friday, 15 July 2016

A list of materials to perform the casting process by Investment casting manufacturers

When we talk about traditional casting methods, investment casting manufacturing process comes in our mind. It is being used by people since thousands of years to cast distinct shapes using an expandable ceramic mold. They pour molten metal into the mold and extract the casting once it gets cool. The mold is prepared by investment castings manufacturers using wax pattern – which is a disposable piece in the shape of the desired part. The pattern is invested into a ceramic slurry that hardens inside the mold. 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Designer Casting Components offered by Alloy steel castings exporters

Alloy steel casting exporters from India supply the diverse range of casting components used by the automobile industry. By using mild steel, SG iron, stainless steel, etc. several designs for valves are being cast in the casting foundry by skilled experts.

7 types of valve castings are:

Friday, 18 March 2016

The art of manufacturing marine castings components

Casting manufacturing process involves sand casting method, very versatile one, which is used by manufacturing foundries to form marine castings. In this process, molten aluminum is poured into the sand mold to replicate the desired pattern. Engineers can intend almost any pattern into a fine sand mixture to form a mold into which molten aluminum can be poured. It is the most conventional process used by people since centuries that continues to supply components to several industries. Engineers cast many parts with aluminum and the applications grow as aluminum has various positive features.

Steel Castings Suppliers India - expanding the usage of castings the world over

Sand casting process is among one of the most highly flexible forms of casting that permits the usage of permanent and recyclable patterns. This process is used to handle processes having high production volume. The demand for such casting process being the need of the hour has led the steel castings suppliers India to establish themselves as a recognized player in the industry. 

Monday, 28 July 2014

How casting foundries apply techniques for best shaping product?

In India, the alloy casting exporters and manufacturers use different casting processes which are classified as Ingot casting or mould casting. In the Casting foundries in India, primary or secondary aluminum is cast into slabs, billet and wire during the first process. These products are transformed into semi finished and finished products. In the second process, casting foundries use alloy castings for producing cast products.